Café con Helado

Creamy Eggnog Coffee
The first cup of coffee I ever had was in 5th grade Spanish class. My teacher brewed up some hot decaf coffee and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in celebration of a special Spanish holiday that I can’t recall. I forgot the reason behind the celebration, but I never forgot that coffee. I’m pretty sure everyone just drank the creamy top.
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Gingerbread Café au Lait

Gingerbread Latte Starbucks inspired

Thanks to Lauren over at Healthy and Delicious for this wonderful recreation of the Starbucks seasonal Gingerbread Latte. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this hot beverage. It was so good, I couldn’t stop myself from drinking the whole cup… my first FULL cup of Joe in over 16 months (because of baby boy). Oh, did I ever need caffeine today! My babe is waking every 2 hours again because he got his first tooth, yippeee! Did you know that baby teeth grow the most while your baby is sleeping?
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Apple Kuchen

Apple Kuchen One bite of this and I’m 10 years old again sneaking into the kitchen to pick off a chunk of the crumb topping from this fresh baked coffee cake. Between me and my two siblings, and quite possibly my dad, the cake was in sad shape by the time the guests came and mom was ready to serve. Poor mom!
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