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Here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen

Airfork One for Perfect in-flight Meals
These are the coolest forks ever invented. My son was given one as a gift for his airplane themed birthday party last year, but now my 1 year old is really enjoying it too. It has an easy, soft grip perfect for young eaters. The classic “airplane coming in for a landing” skit never got so many laughs!

Chopsticks a children’s book
We have read so many children’s books over the years… I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds. We haul books to and from the library every week. With subtle cooking humor on every page, this one had me laughing. I was not expecting to enjoy a children’s book so much! Awesome book for family that enjoys cooking and reading.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman
My husband got me this book after much research on the best vegetarian cookbooks available. I love this book, excellent recipes and easy instructions. You can find dishes by ingredient and also learn more about that ingredient, like storage tips, how to pick things at the store (ripeness or packaging tips), several variations for the same recipe, when to serve it. Very well written and practical. One of those rare cookbooks I enjoy reading.

Check out: Gingerbread Pancakes

Dessert University by Roland Mesnier
My mom gave this autographed book to me for Christmas a few years back and it is packed with amazing pastry recipes by Mesnier.. the former White House pastry chef. Every time I make something from here I think I’m baking something that was good enough for the Presidents and their family, as well as all their prestigious guests. The recipes range from easy to difficult. My only criticism is the lack of photos, but his instructions are clear and he offers storage, serving and baking tips.

Check out: Apple Pie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Peach Pie

Good Eats 3 by Alton Brown
I recently went to Alton’s book signing and shook the mans hand! I have gone through his book and love it, he presents photos for everything, great instructions and true to the Good Eats style, adds factual tidbits with quirky comedic style. He even has sock puppet stickers and instructions in the back, which my preschooler loved! This would make a great gift for that hard to shop person, men and women and kids alike would love this book.

Check out: Soft Pretzels, Parsnip Muffins

The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook by Georgeanne BrennanDr. Seuss fans are going to love this one. Georgeanne Brennan invented recipes inspired by various stories from the Dr. Seuss books. My son and I sat down and read the book like a story, looking at the pictures and reading the captions. Then we decided what we wanted to make together. All the recipes are easy and kid friendly. This could be a fun baby shower gift or any occasion gift to a child who loves to cook.

Check out: Blueberry Bumplings, Nice Lime Ice

Stainless Steel Chopper/Scraper
I use this tool all the time… for everything, I love it. Also, my three year old uses it to help me chop whatever it is I need to chop. He is my sous chef. His little hands can easily hold this tool, its not sharp but rather kind of dull like a butter knife. He chops my herbs, green onions, mushrooms.. you name it he has chopped or tried to chop it. I use it to help lift pastry and bread doughs into place, chop off excess dough, chopping dough, even measure… yep it does it all.

Waring Pro Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker
I use this every weekend. It heats up quickly while I whip up my batter, and the green ready light and beeping sounds alert me when its ready to cook and finished cooking so I don’t have to stand there keeping watch (very important when you have two little ones to tend to in the morning!). Most importantly it makes beautiful tasty waffles every time, probably due to the rotating body which makes the waffle battle spread and cook evenly. When your all done, it tucks into the cupboard space a little more easily due to the adjustable handle. Nice.

Check out: Nutella Waffles, Almond Joy Waffles

Long Cuff Oven Gloves
I am was notorious for burning my hands. I would grab whatever kitchen towel… baby bib… shirt that was laying on the counter and use it to pull out whatever I had cooking in the oven. After screaming out some profanity and running to the kitchen sink to wash my new wound, my husband would give me yet another lecture about using the proper oven mitt. So when I started doing Cake Student one year ago, my husband surprised me with these babies. I love them, and use them, and haven’t gotten burned since. I can take out something from the oven, stir sauce on the stove top, grab utensils, whatever needs be done without taking them off. The long gloves protect my forearms as well as my hands. Brilliant.

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  1. stainless steel chopper is a must! It is great for so many things when cooking

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