A Fishy Puff Pastry Feast

Puff Pastry Fish
I have been on a recent kick of making our usual food dishes into something more fun and pretty to eat. It makes my family a little more happy when they sit down at the dinner table. We try to eat one seafood meal a week so this time I tried decorating with puff pastry.

I chose a recipe by Rachel Ray called Salmon En Croute. Since it’s dinner for 2 and one toddler in this house… I halved the recipe, used 1 sheet of puff pastry. I also made a few ingredient changes, including a generous helping of chopped fresh spinach instead of the parsley. Rather than making individual portions, I created one large family style puff pastry fish. This dish was extremely tasty, thank you Rachel Ray! I will definitely be making this one again.

My 2 year old son also had a blast watching me build this fish. He helped with cutting out the circles for the scales and absolutely loved “painting the fish” with the egg wash. Overall, it took about 15 minutes to assemble (after preparing the ingredients).
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