A Fishy Puff Pastry Feast (redo!)

Reflecting on 1 year of CakeStudent, I noticed how much my photography has changed. I thought it would be cool to put my skills to the test and redo one of my old posts. After reading fishy puff pastry feast, I knew it had to be this one.

Sooooo… which one is the winner?


Fishy Puff Pastry Feast

or Last years:

Puff Pastry Fish

The recipe is from Rachel Ray, and was just as tasty as I remembered. My son, now 1 year older, still got a kick out of the fish shape. He insisted on the head because of the eyeball (a raisin).

Veggies for the filling…

Mushrooms and Green Onion

The spinach, fresh dill, green onion, mushroom, and egg filling…


Wullah! Salmon En Croute.

Salmon En Croute

Recipe found on the old post: fishy puff pastry feast

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2 thoughts on “A Fishy Puff Pastry Feast (redo!)

  1. hehe, definitely the more recent one, but only because of the raisin eye 😉 But there is so much improvement there, congrats! and it looks very tasty.

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