Apple Kuchen

Apple Kuchen One bite of this and I’m 10 years old again sneaking into the kitchen to pick off a chunk of the crumb topping from this fresh baked coffee cake. Between me and my two siblings, and quite possibly my dad, the cake was in sad shape by the time the guests came and mom was ready to serve. Poor mom!
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Apple Picking and Apple Pie

Apple Picking
As a way of welcoming in the fall and saying farewell to summer, our family goes apple picking. It’s so refreshing to be outdoors in an apple orchard, with beautiful views of the California hills, endless rows of colorful apples ripe for the picking. Wheeling the wagon around and filling up our bucket, eating apples straight from the tree. Its a complete recharge for mind, body, and spirit. So you can imagine how easy it is to over pick. We brought home 35 lbs of apples!

a California Apple Orchard
What to do with all these apples? Apple pie, apple cake, apple sauce, apple chips, apple juice, threw some in salad. Gave a bunch to friends and the little guy gave some to his teachers. This weekend will be… muffins? If you have any suggestions… please leave a comment!
Apple Pie
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