Monster Jam Cake

Monster Jam Cake

For the monster truck fanatic in your life, create the perfect birthday cake that looks like Monster Jam! My brother in law put this cake together for their little boy’s 2nd birthday. My nephew even played with the trucks on the track before they cut it up. Perfect for people who dont want to fuss with smoothing frosting or creating detailed flowers. You won’t need any special cake equipment, but you do need to find the materials to help make it more realistic (the trucks and the flags, etc.).

Special Supplies…

  • Heath Topping (Chopped or Found prechopped in bag)
  • Party Supply accessories for flags and signs
  • Mini Monster Trucks

How to make this…

  1. Bake the Cakes
    Figure out how many people you will be serving and then choose your cake pan sizes. For this cake we made 2 large square cakes and arranged them next to one another to get a long field, and then 1 round cake which was cut in half and placed at the end to round out the field like an arena.
  2. Frost the Cakes
    Frost with your favorite tasting frosting, chocolate works best here to give a dirt color. Top with heath topping, or some similar candy topping to get rocky terrain.
  3. Decorate
    Use a the monster jam material that you have. You can find most this stuff at party supply stores. To get the trucks in great action positions, just use chop sticks or straws to lift them.
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7 thoughts on “Monster Jam Cake

  1. omg I love it ! I have to make one this weekend. Where did you get the flags on the side?? and what size round pan did you use??

  2. Sorry Keli, this was a few years ago and it was my sisters cake! But you can make any size you need, to make an oval use a square cak pan in the middle, then a round cut in half for the ends. Just put the round pan on top of the square to see if they will work, if the square pan is too big, you can always trim the sides to make it look right. The material was bought from a party store. Party city? Diddams? Maybe even your dollar store Amazon might have some things too. Good luck!

  3. just for looks, I believe its a party streamer, the crepe material. If you are worried about using that on the cake, then I would use trimmed wax paper along the side (use frosting to stick it). Then tape the streamer onto the wax paper. I love the way it looks on the side.

  4. Hi bri,
    It’s been 2 years since this cake was made so I’m making an educated guess here, it’s very likely more cake. My mom is a professional baker and always has cake on hand and this cake was made in her house. I am guessing you can trim your cakes and use the extras to make a heap, or you can go ahead and bake another small round cake, slice it in half, turn the pieces sideways so the round part becomes the hill. Use frosting to smooth it out. Happy decorating!

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