Snick-a-tella Ice Cream Cake II

Happy Birthday to my husband, 36 years young, I love you dahling!

Snick-a-tella Ice Cream Cake Bite

His cake, sick-a-tella ice cream cake, I invented last year composed of every sweet thing he loves… but this year I changed it up a bit. I decided it was time to try making dulce de leche (checking this off my want to try list). I swirled it into the ice cream thinking that seems very snickery to me. It was awesome! BUT! A tad on the sweet side.
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Grilled S’mores Cakes

Grilled S'mores Cakes

I am on a quest for the perfect grilled dessert. We have had several sweet disasters usually leaving us with some sort of softened burnt graham cracker. Just when I was beginning to think grilled s’mores just cannot be done on our grill, I saw a cake at the end of the tunnel.
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Propeller Marshmallow Cake Pops

When we threw an airplane party for my 4 year old, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law flew into town to celebrate the occasion with us. I don’t think we could have pulled it all off if it weren’t for all their help.

Propeller Pop
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