Roaring Good Lion Cake

April is birthday month for my boys and I have been so busy planning birthday parties and enjoying time with out of town guests, that there just has not been any time left for blogging. So this is far from my usual posts, more like a quick update on whats been going on in the cakestudent household and a very big shout out to my little baby boys who are now 1 and 4 years old! My 4 year old is so completely consumed with their new ages, our conversations go something like this:

little guy: “Mommy… this is the first time a 4 year old and a 1 year are in the bathtub together!!”

little guy: “Mommy… I like monster trucks more than I like 1 year olds.”

little guy: “Mommy… 1 year olds can’t have pez candy like 4 year olds can!” “Yes, you are right buddy.” “Then why is a 1 year old eating my pez!” Woops! What can I say.. the 1 year old is very clever.

So, hopefully April showers will bring more May blog posts… but until then here is a quick shot of the brave lion cake I made for my beautiful, curious, courageous, happy, crabby, restless and hilarious 1 year old boy. Happy Birthday M! As the 4 year old would say… I love you to Jupiter and back.

Lion Birthday Cake

I tried a new fondant recipe, very easy to make and better tasting than the store bought stuff Mashmallow Fondant.

For the cake, I tried a recipe from Savour-fare (one of my all time favorite bloggers) that took some time to make, but it sure made my 1 year old very happy!

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