Grassy Heads

One of the crafts we set out during my son’s 4th birthday party was a make your own grassy head. After a week of regular watering and plenty of sunshine, Joe (as we affectionately named him) really needed a haircut.

Joe Grassy Head

My 4 year old showing off his barber skills.
First hair cut for Joe

My 1 year old can’t resist Joe’s nose.
Nose Hold

Lookin good for the ladies.
Mr & Mrs Grassy Head

Recipe: Grassy Head


  • stockings, cut each one into 6 and knot on each end. Turn inside out.
  • fast grow grass seed
  • sawdust (get at the pet store!)
  • rubberband


  1. put a handfull of grass seed into the stocking.
  2. fill with sawdust.
  3. knot the stocking.
  4. make a nose with the rubberband.
  5. Decorate with markers.
  6. Soak in water until thoroughly wet. Set in a dish and keep in sunny spot. Lightly water each day.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

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