Ducky Pop Tarts

Ducky Pop Tarts

There seems to be a huge home made pop tart trend out there in the blogosphere of foodies. When I saw that someone had made them with nutella, I was sold. My husband loves nutella… his favorite: a small spoonful on top vanilla ice cream. I was hoping these would be a nice surprise for him to take on the train to work.
Poptart Cutouts

Poptart Cutouts

Just Baked

Just Baked

So I sought out for a good recipe… there are tons out there. But I settled for one on the healthier side since, well, I’m days shy of having baby #2 and my weight gain has been kind of out of control! What with all the donuts, cookies, and cake I have been making lately for the blog… who can blame me?

This recipe uses 100% whole wheat flour, yogurt, butter, and salt. Thats all, pretty simple really. But it was absolutely disgusting. To describe how yucky these duckys were, there are still 2 sitting on the counter in my house and I made them 4 days ago… AND they have frosting on them, AND sprinkles, AND they are filled with nutella!

On a brighter note, they look awfully cute and the frosting was delicious, I made it with powdered sugar whipped up with a little milk (add sparingly until you get the right consistency). Then I actually used turmeric powder to get the yellow color! I couldn’t taste the turmeric, it was a surprisingly good choice, one that I will do again since I understand turmeric has some pretty awesome health benefits.


  • 1 batch of pastry dough (I got mine from here, but wouldn’t recommend it).
  • nutella or strawberry preserves
  • powdered sugar
  • milk
  • Turmeric powder for yellow color
  • sprinkles

Preheat oven 350 F.
Roll out your pastry dough to an even thickness. Use duck shaped cookie cutters and cut out as many as possible.
fill the middle with your choice of filling, not too much as it will sneak out the edges but enough to give your pastry flavor.
place another pastry duck on top, then use a fork to crease the edges together like a pie.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. While baking make the icing…
In a mixer, add a cup of powdered sugar, slowly add about 1 TBSP milk at a time until you get a good consistency with the icing (thick enough to stay but runny enough to pipe on). Then add the turmeric powder at 1/4 tsp at a time until you get the right color.

Pipe on the borders first. Tip: use a ziploc baggie with a small cut in the corner
Then you can make the icing a bit more runny (more milk) and fill in the icing inside of the borders for all the pop tarts just using a spoon.

Add sprinkles to give them some color. Enjoy!

So, this project taught me a valuable lesson… not every food blogger is sharing delicious recipes, even if the pictures look good doesn’t mean they are tasty too! If you are going to attempt to make homemade pop tarts, make sure the author isn’t claiming that its healthy and delicious.

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