Spectacular Spiderman Spring Pea Soup

Spectacular Spider Spring Pea Soup
I always thought pea soup smelled, and looked delicious, but the truth is I have never tasted any that I actually liked. However, it’s been so long since I tried some, so I decided to make this minty pea spring soup for my family. The results… my 2 year old ate half a bowl, my husband thought it was just ok (after he shaked on plenty of red pepper flakes), and I could barely get the first spoonful down. What can I say, we aren’t a pea soup kind of family.

But I do consider it a semi-success, because I got my toddler to eat a very healthy green lunch. OK, so it wasn’t just the taste that he liked, I may have used a trick on my currently obsessed with Spiderman little boy… I piped some plain yogurt in the shape of a spiderweb… and told him Spiderman put it there (I know I’m so bad). But its for the greater good. Besides, with great power comes great responsibility. Decorating… my superpower.
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Birds Nest Cupcakes

Birds Nest Cupcakes

“In springtime
The only pretty ring time
Birds sing, hey ding
A-ding A-ding
Sweet lovers love the spring”

Willy Wonka sings this song in the invention room while riding the bike that stirs the ingredients. (He is quoting William Shakespeare). These edible bird nests kind of remind me of this song. This is an easy baking project, it requires no frosting bags or tips. I decided to make these after I failed at making shortbread cookies.. I rolled the dough too thin and the edges burned! So these cupcakes were super easy and quick and make a cute ‘just because’ gift for someone.
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