Easter Cookie Bouquet

Easter Cookie Bouquet
Looking for something special to take to Easter brunch, church, or even to the office? Consider showcasing some special Easter cookies in a basket. Last year I wanted to bring in some cookies to the office to share with my fellow co-workers. I didn’t like the idea of just stacking them on a plate because they tend to break easily when transported that way, not to mention when they are stacked you don’t get to see them all. So I got out one of my baskets and put together this cookie arrangement. I loved the final result, and so did my co-workers!

Special Supplies…

How to make this…

  1. Make Sugar or Shortbread Cookies
    Roll out your dough to about 1/4″, then cut out a variety of shapes with your cookie cutters. Place a lollipop stick onto the top of the cookie, add some extra dough on top of the stick so the cookie bakes around the stick. For larger cookies you may need two sticks (see the bunny in the picture). Bake the cookies.
  2. Frost the Cookies
    Once the cookies have cooled, use your favorite cookie icing, in the example I used royal icing, and decorate your cookies. You may wish to water down the icing slightly for the all over color. Then use the thicker consistency for the details.. for example the orange on the carrot is thinner to make it easier to spread, and the leafy carrot top is thicker.
  3. Arrangement
    Find a basket, place it on top of the styrofoam sheet and trace along the base. Use an exacto knife or a box cutter to cut out the basket shape from the styrofoam. Cut until you can lay the styrofoam piece on the the bottom of your basket. Take an unused lollipop stick and pre-stick the styrofoam base with the holes before you put the actual cookie lollipops in (this will help you avoid any breakage when you put the cookies in.) Package the cookies with bags if you wish, use ribbon or string to tie them. Place carefully into the pre punched holes.
  4. Finishing Touches
    Now line the basket with decorative tissue paper or your Easter grass to hide the styrofoam base.

Tip: Add your favorite Easter candy around the cookies for more variety. You can also tie some pretty ribbon around the lollipop sticks and or basket.

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