Astronauts vs. Aliens Birthday Party: Part 2

Outer space rocket ship planet birthday cake
The birthday party we threw for our boys was outer space themed because my 5 year old is into astronauts, rockets and the idea of “space warriors”. This is the second post on the party, check out the previous post if you’d like to see the giant rocket ship that I made.

My amazing mom came to visit for the occasion. She bakes cakes professionally and so we were super lucky that she was here to make a special outer space birthday cake. I helped just a little bit. The frosting on the main cake was buttercream, and all the planet/rocket detail on the cake was done in an easily made sculptable buttercream frosting(tastes better than fondant).

We had various activities including a water balloon game in which the kids threw “missiles” at the asteroid (cardboard drawing hung on the tree) coming toward earth.
There was also a “pop the planet” game where the kids took water ballons, set them on the ground and used a magnifying glass to catch the suns rays and pop the balloon (takes about 15-30 seconds).
Used a set of walkie talkies and let the kids in the rocket ship talk to mission control.
We also had robotic claw hands to collect Saturn’s rings (neon bracelets) and put them on a tinker toy creation..

After the games we did lunch and cake, then ended the party with a fun alien specimen hunt through the woods so the astronaut cadets could discover signs of alien life. At the end of the hunt, the kids found the alien hanging from a tree. This piñata was actually so much more challenging to make than I imagined it would be. Basically, I used an 18″ balloon, made glue (1 part flour to 1 1/2 parts water), strips of newspaper. The balloon shape was perfect for an alien head. I hung it upside down from the tree and this worked until it got too heavy at which point we let it dry. Then I turned it and set it right side up in a large mixing bowl and finished the other side. It takes a day to dry if you leave it in the sun. I did this process twice so it took 4 days. My 5 year old was really involved in its making, but unfortunately my 2 year old kicked it around like a soccer ball when we weren’t looking… he busted the balloon 3 times! I had to blow up another balloon inside the busted piñata, I can’t believe that we actually succeeded in making this thing. My older son enjoyed helping me paint it too. We filled it mostly with outer space toys, stickers and a few bags of milky ways mini chocolate candy bars.

Paper Mache Alien Head piñata

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