St. Patrick’s Day Truffles

Mint Oreo Truffles

The experiment: Homemade vs. Store Bought

How time consuming? More cost effective? Just as delicious? I have never made truffles before and I was up for a challenge. I found a very simple recipe, calculated the cost to make, and compared them to professional truffles.

Truffle Mix for St. Patrick's Day

Truffle Mix for St. Patrick's Day

Work Time Analysis

It took me 3 hours, but that includes experimenting time. Here are some of my notes on the process to help you save time.

How to crush the oreo cookies?
I tried several different methods: put them into a ziploc, used the flat side of a meat mallet… still lumpy; used a rolling pin… still lumpy; put them into a bowl and used the back of a fork… still lumpy; used the potato masher… still lumpy. FINALLY, I pulled out the old food processor and finished the job. Ahhhh… beautiful finely ground cookie. I have to remember how much it looks like potting soil, it would be a good choice for a flower cake. So, save yourself about 20 minutes of trouble and just go with the food processor.

Finely Ground Mint Oreo Cookies

Finely Ground Mint Oreo Cookies

Technique for Dipping:
After a few test truffles, I found the best technique for me was to stick a toothpick into the bottom of the frozen truffle ball, dip and also spoon chocolate over top. Then tap the toothpick gently against the bowl to help smooth and drip off excess chocolate. Finally, I used a fondue fork to lift the ball off the toothpick and place onto wax paper for hardening. To dip and decorate all the balls, it took about 1 hour.

Hand Rolled Truffle Balls

Hand Rolled Truffle Balls

Good project when a toddler is in the room?
Heck no! I foolishly gave my 2 year old a tiny taste of the truffle filling mixture. After about 5 minutes of begging for more, he defiantly stood as straight and tall as he could, held his pointer finger in the air, and loudly pronounced “1.. 2.. 3.. Time Out Mommy!”. I asked him why? He said “You don’t sharing!”. Now how can you argue with that? Save yourself timeout time and hide this from toddler eyes.

Cost Analysis

$2.99 Marscapone Cheese
$2.50 Oreo Cookies (on sale)
$3.99 Ghiradeli White Chocolate Baking Bar
$2.79 Bakers Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
$12.27 Total


Wilton carries a “Small Treat Box” (comes in packs of 3 boxes each) each box holding maybe up to 9 truffles and costs something like $4. I like this option because you can have a peak through the “window”. Another option, favor boxes. Add some pretty ribbon and you can make a really impressive gift box!

Truffles from the pros in comparable quantity can cost you $30+.

Taste Analysis

I can only vouch for my own taste but the homemade were out of this world delicious. I was expecting to be overwhelmed by mint, but it really was just a very nice hint of mint. The filling was a smooth and creamy chocolate minty spoonful of heaven.

Why I chose marscapone?

Because my husband is not much of a cream cheese fan. They have a very similar texture, but cream cheese is tad bit sharper, and the marscapone sweeter. The original recipe calls for 8oz softened cream cheese, so choose your own poison.

The Verdict

Go homemade. These were not only tasty, but when you send them out as gifts I think it means so much more to the person receiving to know they were specially made just for them.

Recipe for Oreo Mint Truffles

4 dozen small (or 2+ dozen large) amended from Kraft Food & Family

  • 8 oz Trader Joe’s marscapone cheese
  • 1 package mint oreo cookies, crushed
  • White & dark melting chocolate, green food coloring
  1. Mix the finely crushed cookies with the marscapone cheese
  2. Mold into truffle balls (easier if you put into the freezer for 10 min. first)
  3. Freeze for 30 minutes to harden the balls before dipping.
  4. Melt chocolate according to package directions, dip truffle balls.
  5. After all truffles have a base coat, decorate. You can use a sandwich baggie and clip the corner, or use a decorating bag.
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