We threw a Lego themed birthday party this weekend for my Lego loving 6 year old. It was such a fun party to plan with so much inspiration to be found via pinterest.

First off, THE CAKE:

His favorite Lego character is the red Ninjago (Kai), so he was the highlight of the cake.
Kai Lego Ninjago Brick Cake

He was made using red fondant, and a melted yellow chocolate disc for his face. The cake is a simple white buttercream, my mom put this together and I was, as always, amazed by how easy she made it look.
Lego Ninjago Cake

The bricks are made from melted chocolate and cooled in a chocolate/ice cube mold.

Chocolate Lego Bricks Birthday Cake

The cake table sported some cute Lego marshmallow pops which were very easy to make and the kids loved them. I just wrapped a shoebox with colorful polka dot paper and poked holes in the top to stick the pops in. With marshmallow pops you can use pretty paper straws because they are lighter. To make the faces on the pops use the edible markers found at Michaels craft store. You can make these the morning of the party to make sure the marshmallows don’t get hard, it took about 20 minutes total.

We also had cupcakes topped with a chocolate Lego minifigure. My son built some colorful and fun utensil and napkin holders out of the larger duplo bricks.
Cake Table


I found a great deal on ebay for a party pack of 10 lego kits. I also made minifigure crayons and printed out an activity book for each child. You can find lots of free coloring pages to download on the Lego website. I also found some free activity sheets online but they were VERY highly color intensive… so I did a lot of modification to simplfy the pages and make it easier for my poor printer. Here they are for free download:

When all the chocolate minifigures were made, the molds were used again to make crayons and salt dough minifigures which the kids could paint. If you are having a Lego party, I highly recommend these molds as they were very useful.

To make crayons, grab all your old crayons and strip them of their paper wrappings. Group them by general color class.
Pre melted crayons

Use an old can and a small pot to build a double boiler. Bring some water in the pot to a boil. Fill the can with the crayon pieces and let them melt completely. Pour into the mold and let cool for at least 20 minutes.
Melted Crayons

Pop them out. My boys loved this part… they would countdown and announce “Welcome to the world Lego man!”.
Lego Minifigure Crayons


Salt Dough Minifigures.
I got this really cool idea from another blog called “Raising Boys {Who Love To Craft}”. I thought it would be a fun and crafty way to keep the kids occupied while waiting for everyone to arrive to the party.
Salt Dough Minifigures
The kids loved it and most made a handful of them in 20 minutes. Each kid put their freshly painted minifigures on a paper plate with their names written on the plate.
Painting Clay Lego Minifigures
I took them outside and sprayed a clear Acrylic Gloss on them. By the time the party was over, the minifigures were dry and ready to go home.

Team Building Game: Tower Building. Split kids into small groups of two. The team to build the tallest tower that could hold a mini nerf football at the top was the winning team. It was timed, we played the song “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie which gave them about 2 and half minutes. The 2 winners were able to pop a balloon on the prize wall (see below).

Straw Game: Give each kid a small paper plate and a straw. They have 1 minute to use their sucking power and move the Lego from the table to the paper plates. Kid with the most Lego bricks is the winner. Use small Legos but not small enough to actually suck up into the straw for this, we like the square 2×2. Let them practice a little before the game starts. Prize wall for the winner(s).

Pin the head on the Lego figure. This was nice because we had the kids draw their own Lego faces first so they could tell which face was theirs. Then they played this classic game, lots of laughing. Prize wall for the winner(s). I used the templates from the blog “Waltzing Matilda” to make the board.

Finally, we just had creative building time and let them play until lunch and cake. We gave them lots of pieces for race car building. I found these really cool pull back motors on ebay so their cars could actually move. It was a little hard to find the right sized tires and axles to make sure they would work but it was worth it to see the amazing creations they built. We honestly had a great bunch of master builders!

PRIZE WALL: A wall with taped balloons on it. Each balloon had a Lego minifigure in it. I got a great deal on ebay for a bundle of Lego minifigures. We used a long toothpick/skewer for the popping which was dull enough to not get the kids hurt but sharp enough to do the job.

Lego Party

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  1. This sounds like a fabulous party! We made Lego brick crayons too, only I melted mine inside the oven in the mold, I can attest to the bake-ability of the silicone mold. It worked great! That cake is gorgeous!

  2. Good to know, Brooke! It’s very possible this theme is going to happen again another year since my boys love Legos so much. My mom is pretty amazing when it comes to cake decorating 🙂

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