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The name Cake Student is inspired by my mom, a professional baker and cake decorator. When I was a kid, my siblings and I would often sit around the table and watch as my mom worked her magic. If we were lucky, she would trim the uneven edges to make the cakes level and we would get to eat them. When mom looked the other way we would swipe a royal icing flower or stick our finger in the frosting bowl. Shockingly, we are quite healthy and still have all our own teeth. Life was pretty sweet.

I grew up and became a software engineer, married a software engineer, and we have 2 awesome little kids. While hubby works crazy hours for a start up company in San Francisco, I took time off to become a food blogging, mini-van driving, soccer mom.

Cake Student is me, Sarah, trying my best to prepare healthy, delicious, and/or quick meals for my family. But my favorite projects are the sometimes quirky (but always delicious) baking I do with my kids. I want them to have childhood memories of being with their mom in the kitchen, being up to their elbows in flour, licking frosting from spatulas, and smelling something mouthwatering coming from the oven.

Welcome to my blog.

Cakestudent’s Terms of Service

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks Shelly, I had to make it several times to get it to taste like your moms! I love this dish too 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah! Darcee and I stopped by your site tonight and LOVE it! You are so creative and I LOVE your photos. Nice work. 😉

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Darcee & Reyna

  3. Just posted a recipe on my Pintersest board before I read your copyright info. Would you prefer me to delete it or is it okay to pin your recipes? I did give reference to your blog.

  4. Absolutely Teresa! Thanks, I love pinterest… I put that copyright info up because I found photos posted on another blog that had copied my photo and recipe with no mention of the source, they basically pawned it off as their work and it was a little upsetting. But I have no problem with pinterest, thanks for asking!

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